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Sam Newsome
"The potential for the saxophone is unlimited." - Steve Lacy

Order NEW ALBUM now!

Order NEW ALBUM now!
"This music is exquisite..." Bruce Gallanter, DMG

Magic Circle featured in New York Times "The Playlist"

Magic Circle featured in New York Times "The Playlist"
"...a path of twisty illogic unto itself." Giovanni Russonello, New York Times

Live at the 2017 Sopot Jazz Festival

AfroHorn @ Zinc Bar (October 2017)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

5 Star Review in Downbeat

This five-star review is from the June 2017 edition of Downbeat magazine, with Diana Krall on the cover. For some reason, I forgot to post this. I probably got caught up in a million and one things. Better late than never. And a special shout out to Michael Jackson for being generous with the stars.

I was actually very nervous about putting this recording out, seeing how it pushes the envelope more than usual. I never know how these outside of the box projects are going to be received. Fortunately, the feedback has been positive. So I guess you never know. Onward and upward!



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